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Research & Readings

All of USHCA’s work is backed up by real-life experience and research. This section includes brief summary descriptions of the research we have used, as well as a glossary of common terms that we use and promising practices of other districts.

A team can more fluidly work together with a common language and understanding of the research base.
–Avni Gupta-Kagan, USHCA Team Member


Promising Practices Examples of how districts have made progress on Teacher and Principal ABC tools.
Additional Research & Readings: Teachers Additional resources and research on topics related to teacher quality
Additional Research & Readings: Principals Additional resources and research on topics related to principal quality
Research & Resources on Equity in Human Capital Key articles on equitable access to effective teachers
USHCA’s Perspectives on Equity in HC with Definitions Outlines USHCA’s working definitions about equity
Research and Resources on Teacher Pipelines & Pathways Research on teacher pipelines, pathways, and shortages
Diversity Research Summary Summary of research on impact of teacher diversity on student learning
Understanding Teacher Shortages Research summary exploring teacher shortages
Glossary of Common Language Most often used terms used by USHCA