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Protocols & Facilitation

Protocols can help drive a conversation in a purposeful direction. The protocols in this section have been used by USHCA successfully and can be used by teams in district offices.

Having a set of protocols we can use to implement the learning with our teams gives us powerful tools.
–Katie Nesmith Singh, USHCA Team Member


Facilitation Strategies Compilation of strategies USHCA uses when working with districts
Problem of Practice Consultancy Protocol Protocol to define and seek feedback on a key problem of practice
Strategic or Not: Principal Quality Edition Quiz to discuss strategic work on principal quality
Strategic or Not – You Be the Judge! Protocol to prioritize tasks to focus on most strategic activities
Jigsaw Learning Protocol Protocol to allow individuals to become experts and share learning
Getting Input to Solve the Problem — Issaquah Protocol Protocol to improve understanding of a specific challenge
Success Protocol Protocol to share and understand successful practices
Stop Start Continue Protocol to help team prioritize and plan key activities
Root Cause Analysis Protocol to identify root cause of HC challenges
Getting the “Best Fit” Teacher Activity Group activity to design a “best fit” teacher for recruitment