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Planning Calendar

The Planning Calendar provides a specific plan of action about how to map out the key work of HR throughout the year.  This section has both monthly planning calendars and ways to identify responsibilities and accountability of the HR team.

The greatest learning about planning is to do it! We now have a planning calendar that guides our work on a month to month basis.
–Lora Cover, Chief Talent Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District


Road Map to Planning Calendar Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Planning Calendar Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
First 90 Days in Your Role Guide for first 90 days of a Chief HR Officer's job
HR Annual Planner Overview Guide of sample month by month planning tasks
HR Annual Planner Blank Sample Blank template for monthly activities
HR/HC Monthly Planning Tool with RASCI additions Tool to outline the key tasks of all HR department members throughout the year
HR/HC Partner Monthly Planning Tool Planning tool to outline key tasks HR Partners do each month