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Organizational Structure

HR organizational structures can have significant impact on effectiveness and efficiency. This section provides sample organizational structures as well as specific roles and responsibilities for individual departments.

We were able to do a complete reorganization of our HR division…we were able to present a cohesive, comprehensive picture of why we weren't successful, how we could be successful, and the methodologies to get there...
–from the USHCA Year 3 Program Evaluation


Road Map to Organizational Structures Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Organizational Structure Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
HR/HC Organizational Structure Tool Framework to guide teams to organize effectively to deliver HR/HC services
Sample HC Organizational Structures Set of potential ways HR offices can structure for optimum effectiveness
Companion to Sample HC Organizational Strutures Further description and purpose to the sample organizational structures in above document
HR/HC Organizational Linkage (RACI) Overview Planning and project management tool based on RACI framework
HR/HC Organizational Linkage Sample Sample of how to chart RACI framework in a district
Self-Assessment for the Conditions of a Strong Team Culture Self-assessment to determine their team culture
Building a Strong Team Culture Summary of the components of a strong team culture
Tangible Activities for Creating a Stronger Team and Better Culture Tangible ideas and activities for building team culture
Facilitation Guide for Discussion on Team Dynamics Guidance for holding a conversation with a team about dynamics