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Connection to Others

Connection to Others provides important guidance for how the HR Chief can connect the work of the HR department with other departments across the district.  This section provides both a theory about the importance of connecting the work as well as ways to accomplish this.

A significant number of districts reported seeing great improvement around the role of HR in the district, in terms of both relationships with other departments and HR's position as a strategic department within the district.
–Kerri A. Kerr, Ph. D., President, Sage Education Advisors (USHCA program evaluator)


Road Map to Connection to Others Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Connection to Others Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Developing Meaningful Partnerships Process and templates to manage partnerships, including STEM partnerships
Ten Steps to Connect HR More Strategically to Other Offices Guide to strengthen strategic connections with other offices
Working with Partners Towards Equity in HC – Top Tips Tool to work with partners to advance equity