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Retention & Career Management

Career Management & Retention focuses on both ways to support teachers, diagnose retention, and strategies for retaining the best teachers and principals.  In this section, tools to diagnose retention and strategies to increase retention are included.

Sometimes our HR Leaders want to talk about recruitment. We think they should first consider how they are retaining their best teachers and principals, and THEN they can talk about recruitment.
–Darlene Merry, Chief Academic Officer, USHCA


Road Map to Retention & Career Management Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Retention Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Engaging Teacher and Principal Voice Ideas to effectively gather and utilize teacher and leader input
Guide to Calculating Retention Guide to use for calculating teacher retention
Diagnosing Retention Challenges Tool to assist HR team in diagnosing key retention challenges
Targeted Retention Strategies Strategies targeted to increase teacher retention
Sample Retention Plan & Playbook Example of a retention play with sample strategies
Research on Retention Lenses Summaries to key research on teacher retention
Educator Exit Survey – Template Survey to use when educators exit the district to learn their reasons
Improving the Teacher Resignation Process Methodology to improve teacher resignation process and timeline
Educator Stay Survey Survey questions to ask why educators stay
Summary of Learning –Teacher Retention & Career Management Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.
Summary of Learning — Principal Retention & Career Management Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.