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Performance Management/Evaluation

Performance Management is the holistic system of systemically increasing teacher and leader effectiveness year over year.  This section includes key questions about evaluation and strategies and tools for increasing effectiveness.


Road Map to Performance Management & Evaluation Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Performance Management & Evaluation — Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Top 10 Strategies for HR to Support Principals in Performance Management Ten top ways HR can support principals in performance management
Teacher Evaluation Systems: Major Challenges and Potential Solutions Key questions about teacher evaluation systems
Teacher Evaluation Systems: Using Your Evaluation Data to Drive Decision-Making Tool to guide conversations about how to use evaluation data more strategically
Sample Letters of Reprimand, Warning, or Concern: HR Labor Support for Principals Sample letters with ready responses to common HR labor issues
Summary of Learning – Teacher Performance Management & Evaluation Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.
Summary of Learning – Principal Performance Management Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic