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Recruitment & Selection: Diversity

Increasing the diversity of teachers and leaders in the district is an important key to increasing student achievement.  This section includes the research to support HR diversity as well as strategies for increasing diversity.

Organizations need to prioritize intentional integration and inclusivity for their staff in the same way that they currently prioritize test scores, curriculum decisions and student culture.
–Michelle M. Molitor, Founder, Fellowship for Race & Equity in Education (FREE)


Road Map to Recruitment & Selection — Diversity Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Recruitment & Selection: Diversity – Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Building DEI Into Your Hiring Process – Questions to Consider Questions to review hiring process through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.
Top Recruitment & Selection Strategies Strategies to recruit critical shortage area teachers and improve diversity
Diversity Research Summary Summary of research on impact of teacher diversity on student learning
Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining a Diverse Staff – What Can HR Do? Ideas for how HR can help build a more diverse staff
Diversity Conversation Starters and Strategies Conversation starters on diversity
School-Level Data Capture Template — Instructions for Use Instructions for the school-level data capture tool
School-Level Data Capture Template Structure for reviewing key HC data between high and low-performing schools
School-Level Data Capture – Reflection Reflection questions for the School-Level Data Capture Template