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Differentiation for High-Needs Schools

In this section, you will find materials that help you consider new ways to differentiate HR services to schools to achieve greater equity.  Not all schools need the same support, and some of your schools need targeted help in order to be on the same playing field as other schools.  Use this section to help you come up with new ideas for how to support these schools.


EDges in HC Strategies Strategies for making high-needs schools competitive for talent
EDges in HC Assessment – Leading Equity & Differentiation in HC Policies & Practices Structure to assess system-level policies for high-needs schools
Research & Resources on Equity in Human Capital Key articles on equitable access to effective teachers
USHCA’s Perspectives on Equity in HC with Definitions Outlines USHCA’s working definitions about equity
Principal’s Bill of Rights for High-Needs Schools List of rights HR should provide to principals in high needs schools
Supporting Equity in HC at the School Level Guidance for HR/HC staff on improving educator equity in a school
Working with Partners Towards Equity in HC – Top Tips Tool to work with partners to advance equity