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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits are often seen as a technical piece of HR work. When approached in a creative and strategic way, we can see that they can help to improve teacher and leader performance. This section provides an overview of USHCA’s stance on compensation and benefits.

When we think about differentiated pay and benefits, we need to go beyond traditional salary schedules and lanes. We need to consider the relationship of compensation to teacher and leader performance.
–Monica Rosen, USHCA Team Member


Road Map to Compensation and Benefits Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Compensation & Benefits — Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Overview of Compensation and Benefits High-level overview of HR's role in compensation and benefits
Research & Resources on Compensation Links to research on teacher compensation
Strategic or Not Quiz — Performance Management & Compensation Quiz to discuss HR activities related to performance management and compensation
ERS Compensation Overview Research on first move districts in compensation reform
Teacher Compensation Self-Assessment (from ERS) Tool to assess current state of compensation structure
Summary of Learning — Teacher Compensation & Benefits Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.
Summary of Learning — Principal Compensation & Benefits Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.